Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball Review

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball







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          • Durability
          • Driving Distance
          • Short Stops on Greens


          • Not For Slow Swings
          • Above Average Price

          titleist pro v1x

          Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball Review


          The wiser brother to the Pro V1, the Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball is made for pros.  For those of you who are above average at golfing (not me), then it’s safe to say this is the golf ball for you.  





          The Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball is built with the usual Titleist quality, but garnered towards more skilled golfers.  With distance as the name of the game, this golf ball is designed to get every last inch out of your drives.  While softness is still a focal point, this ball is intended to be played by golfers with faster swings, so distance is a testament of swing speed rather than compression.  Furthermore, the Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball spins less off the club face, both during drives and iron shots.  This way, your high-fling drives won’t have to rely on roll so much since they’re going further in the air.  Also, this is optimal for green shots because you won’t have to worry about the ball rolling past the flag.


          Our Thoughts
          titleist pro v1xThe Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball is a great choice at a noticeable discount compared to its relative, the Pro V1.  While still featuring things like soft compression and awesome durability, the Pro V1x allows faster swinging golfers with great touch to bring their game to the next level.  Plus, the price of these golf balls, while still above average, seem more than fair for the quality provided.