TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Ball Review

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Balls

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Balls







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          • Softest TaylorMade Ball
          • For All Skill Levels
          • Improved Control


          • A Little Pricey

          taylormade tour preferred

          TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Ball Review


          A common theme in golf balls these days is to provide soft feel in order to improve distance for slower swinging golfers, usually off the tee.  TaylorMade has been slow to hop on the soft feel bandwagon for a while as they tried to cater to more skilled golfers, until now thanks to the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Ball.    



          taylormade tour preferredThe TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Ball is the newest, and softest, installment in the TaylorMade arsenal.  However, this golf ball isn’t necessarily catered towards the less-skilled golfer.  Rather than utilizing the softness to extend distance off the tee, this balls aims to maximize height off of the club face, especially on higher irons.  More skilled players can utilize this to have more control on windier courses.  Of course more softness means more spin, which for less experienced golfers can mean fishing your golf ball out of the trap.  The TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Ball, needless to say, is made for skilled golfers with single handicaps.


          Our Thoughts

          taylormade tour preferred

          The TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Ball takes amateur level attributes and makes them pro level.  Instead of improving a novice’s game on the surface, this golf ball gives more skilled golfers crucial tools to improve their mid-to-short range game by utilizing higher ball flight and more controlled spin.  While this golf ball is more geared towards single handicappers, I don’t see a reason why any skill level of golfer can use this golf ball to improve their game.  At just over $3 per ball, it isn’t the cheapest option out there, but proves to be worth its cost.