Refurbished Golf Balls

If you’re in the market for quality golf balls but want to save a lot of money, then refurbished golf balls are your best option.

New to refurbished golf balls?  Check out this awesome video from our friends at Lost Golf Balls.

These balls are collected from golf courses which have been lost in the rough, woods, and water traps. They are then cleaned, checked for quality, and reintroduced to assure an excellent second life out on the links. Note, that only the best of the golf balls that are collected are sent through the refurbished process. The best part is that golfers like us are able to buy these balls at greatly discounted prices compared to their brand new counterparts, in addition to there being no proven difference in the playability between new balls and refurbished balls.

Brand Name Golf Balls For Huge Discounts

Whether you’re looking to play with the best golf ball brands on the market or just looking for a bulk pack of practice golf balls, there are a wide array of affordable options.  Here are some of our favorite deals.

Our Thoughts

We here at The Shack love to go the refurbished golf ball route.  Not only is the savings massive, whether it’s a dozen or ten dozen golf balls, but there is virtually no sacrifice in quality.  Don’t believe us? has proven exactly how awesome refurbished golf balls are.

refurbished golf balls

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt that you’re helping recycle used golf balls and reducing the amount of plastic sitting around in the woods.  So in conclusion…BUY REFURBISHED GOLF BALLS!