Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball Review

Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball

Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball







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          • Cheaper Than Dirt
          • Long & Soft
          • Very Durable


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          • Won't Save Your Game

          Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball Review

          Noodle Long & Soft


          If I had to guess what the largest group of golfers is, I would assume it is the somewhat-talented, recreational golfer.  It takes a lot of time (and money) to get great at golf, and not all of us have those two things in our lives.  For these golfers, playing a casual round of eighteen holes while not breaking the bank on greens fees and equipment is optimal, and the Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball is indeed optimal.






          A TaylorMade creation, the Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball is designed exactly for the silent majority of golfers.  These golf balls are as soft as any you’ll find on the market, but manage to keep an surprising durability when hitting non-grassy surfaces.  Furthermore, these golf balls keep a low spin profile, which allows it to penetrate air off the tee and maximizing your drive and low-iron distance.  The Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball is exactly what it promotes; long off the tee and soft off the club.



          Our Thoughts


          It’s pretty simple; the Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball is for the average Joes of golf.  It’s not trying to convince you that you’ll get over 300 yards or take 10 strokes off of your score.  I stand by these golf balls full force because I love using them as an awesome and affordable option that matches my skill level.  You know the feeling when you crank a Pro V1 into the woods?  It’s awful, because no one likes throwing $5 in the trash.  These are about $1 each, and chances are you feel much better losing $1 compared to $5 while trying to work on your slice.  If you think about it, you’ll feel more confident taking shots with these golf balls.  If you’re not scared to lose a ball, you’ll shoot with more confidence and work out kinks in your game.  Those of you mid handicappers and casual weekend golfers should look no further than the Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball.