Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Ball Review

Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Balls







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          • Short Range Control
          • Improved Driving Distance
          • Steady Flight


          • Price

          callaway chrome soft 2016

          Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Ball Review

          There’s nothing worse than stepping up to the tee, stretching out, setting up your shot, and then slicing your brand new ball into the trees.  While it is usually the swing’s fault for sending your ball into the abyss, it’s crucial to have a ball that aids in reducing arrant ball spin.  The Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Ball does wonders for just that.



          The second-coming of the Callaway Chrome Soft continues the importance of low spin and low compression performance for increased distance of the tee and steady flight near the green.  The most impressive new feature in the ball that greatly increases performance the Dual SoftFast Core.


          Dual SoftFast Core

          Callaway Chrome Soft

          The coolest new feature in the Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Ball is the Dual SoftFast Core.  In Lehman’s terms, this 4-layer construction is meant to optimize ball performance depending on club type and speed.  Off the tee, ball spin is reduced to allow for a straighter shot, while the soft inner core increases compression to assure a drive of greater distances.  The red mantle is designed to control the inertia within the core to further improve ball control while in the air.  The outer layers add improved club-face grip for more ball control around the greens while not compromising the structural integrity of the ball.  How is all of this technology stuffed into a golf ball?


          Our Thoughts
          callaway chrome softThere is virtually nothing bad to say about the Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Ball itself.  The in-ball technology is specifically designed to improve distance off the tee and control around the greens.  Depending on your budget, the price of the Chrome Soft may make some golfers shy away.  The price tag puts it right between a solid budget golf ball for more casual golfers, and the cream of the crop ball for avid golfers.  Of course, there are those golfers with a little extra money that aren’t trying to make the tour.  For those types of golfers, the Callaway Chrome Soft 2016 Golf Ball might be a perfect fit.