Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Ball

Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Ball







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          • For Fast Swings
          • Added Compression


          • Trying To Do Too Much
          • Not Worth The Money

          bridgestone tour b330 s

          Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Ball Review


          Golf balls made for fast swings are sometimes deemed as stiff for their lack of generosity off the tee.  These golf balls are generally firmer than a well-done steak, but the Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Ball wants to change that.  





          The Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Ball is comprised of the usual Bridgestone technology for improved performance, including the firmer TOURcore to increase ball speed and overall distance.  However, the cover and outer core compress more than other models for golfers trying to optimize spin.  When taking a closer look, I failed to see much of a difference in this golf ball from other B330 options.


          Our Thoughts

          bridgestone tour b330 sHere at, honesty is the best policy.  We don’t want to blindly promote every golf ball we review without really understanding what is being sold to us.  When it comes to the Bridgestone Tour B330 S Golf Ball, we think your money is better served elsewhere.  This golf ball is trying to use technology which is player specific in attempts to cater to multiple types of golfers.  If you want to optimize swings over 105 miles per hour, why add more compression?  In theory, it makes some sense to make the firmer golf balls more generous when struck, but by doing so, you’re eliminating the feature which best serves the fast swings.  Furthermore, the confluence of outer compression and inner firmness leads to a less than durable golf ball.  For over $3 per ball, your money is certainly best spent on a ball purely meant for your skill set.