Best Golf Balls For Distance

Best Golf Balls For Distance


We all dream of crushing golf balls 300 yards off the tee just like the pros on tour.  It doesn’t matter the age group or skill level of golfer; more distance leads to a lower score.  For those of us golfers who have a strong swing but are looking for a golf ball to extend our shots even more, we have compiled the best golf balls for distance.


Titleist Pro V1 – $56.97                                                   titleist pro v1

If you’ve ever heard of the game of golf before, there’s one ball you’re bound to know; the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball.  While it is designed with low compression technology, the ball still attacks the air with insane penetration and a low trajectory.  Although one of the priciest options on the market, the Titleist Pro V1 will get you the most distance on your shots.


Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball – $38.23

callaway chrome soft 2016One of our favorites here at GBS is also one of the best golf balls for distance; the Callaway Chrome Soft.  Not only is this ball one of the softest on the market, but it is optimized for increased spin for higher numbered irons and decreased spin for drivers.  The soft four layer composition is specially designed to go further than any other ball.  Without a doubt, the Callaway Chrome Soft is built for distance.


Slazenger Money Golf Balls – $25.99 (for 20 balls)

slazenger moneyI know this option will surprise most people, but I will swear by the Slazenger Money Golf Ball all the way to my grave when it comes to distance.  These balls have some of the lowest compression on the market without limiting control.  The surface of this ball has 392 dimples, which is more than any other ball we’ve come across.  This highly-dimpled cover allows for insane air penetration for some of the best ball flight around.  Aside from these balls being cheaper than dirt, the Slazenger Money Golf Ball goes just as far as any golf ball on the market today.


We hope you enjoy our list of the best golf balls for distance.